The Three, No Two Musketeers

In the days of GOP hubris, and George W Bush’s “Dick Cheney style” foreign policy, there were three men who rode forth in support.  These “three musketeer-like” figures were John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Joe Lieberman.  There wasn’t a matter involving homeland security, al Qaeda, or the Middle East that didn’t have them as its champion.

Now there are two remaining.  Joe Lieberman wisely did not stand for reelection.

There seems, however, more than enough for McCain and Graham to do.  Allowing the sequestration bill to take effect has been their cause for some time.  They neglect to say that the only reason there is a sequestration bill is that the GOP insisted upon budget cuts in exchange for raising the national debt limit.  McCain and Graham moan about the negative impact of the sequestration’s $500 billion ($50 billion per year) automatic defense spending cut.  For these two, there are no good cuts if it involves defense.

So it should be no surprise that the last two musketeers have been dead against the US getting out of Afghanistan or Iraq.  “Al Qaeda will follow us home”, McCain breathlessly intoned.

So lets fast forward to today.  President Obama has just won a clear but close (3% point) popular vote election.  In terms of electoral votes, the President was the hands down choice 320 to 200.  The election certainly reflects a majority of Americans preferring President Obama’s foreign policies over that offered by the GOP.

Just before the election, on September 11, there were Arab uprisings in Egypt and Libya.  In Benghazi, Libya a well armed crowd broke into an unofficial American Consulate (we now know it was a CIA outpost), and in the ensuing battle 4 Americans were killed.  Libya is pretty much a lawless land with various tribal leaders and their militias holding fort in their district.

For reasons that are not clear, initial US government reports described the tragedy as a result of protests getting out of hand.  (The Libyan government, at the same time, was claiming that terrorist groups were responsible.)  UN Ambassador Susan Rice went on the Sunday talk shows (again, why was this necessary) and repeated the White House version.

Susan Rice is now the center of speculation that President Obama may nominate her as the replacement for Secretary of State Clinton.  The two musketeers have cried out “no way”.

McCain and Graham have gone over 4 years without great issues to champion.  In their heart of hearts they must realize that despite the economic attractiveness defense spending has for military industrial companies, the American public is finally saying we are spending too much.  Iraq and Afghanistan have gotten us no place.  Why continue on that path.

In the past the argument could be made that defense spending is key to a strong, healthy, and growing economy.  Most everyone does not make that connection today.  Voters are looking for jobs and some resolution to the deficit which does not bankrupt them personally.

The two musketeers apparently see the potential nomination of Ambassador Rice as a heavenly opportunity.  This issue can boost their own importance, and the best part, supports the argument for more defense department spending, not less.

Can irrelevance be far away?

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