Whistling Dixie?

After losing the Presidential election decisively, Republicans have been openly wondering why.  Representative Jeff Duncan may have offered a clarifying reason without having been asked the question.

Duncan got 96 other Republican Representatives to sign a letter addressed to President Obama expressing their objections to the potential nomination of Ambassador Susan Rice as the next Secretary of State.  The letter and who signed it underscore the out of touch nature of much of the GOP.

The House of Representatives plays no role in consenting or confirming any Presidential appointment.  So why would this legislative body waste anyone’s time on matters it expressly has no role?

The Republican Representatives were specifically distressed about statements Rice made on the Sunday talk shows about Benghazi.  Ambassador Rice delivered “talking points” prepared by the White House.  She had (we are told) nothing to do with their preparation and she had nothing to do with any aspects of the Benghazi consulate.  She was a messenger.

So why would this group of 97 adults care?

What if Ambassador Rice had said that terrorist elements had attacked the consulate?  What would have been different?  Some Republicans claim her comments were intended to help President Obama look tough in his reelection campaign.  Had she confirmed a successful terrorist attack, this information might have made him look less tough, the GOP implied.

What’s at play here is relevance.  Much of the GOP has lost it.  Ambassador Rice has not even been nominated and may never be.  Even if she were, her statements on the talk shows in no way effected the tragic events that took place days before in Benghazi.  Further, if Rice is nominated, she has twenty years in public service from which the Senate (not the House) can judge whether Rice is qualified.

Judging from the list of signers, which include Michele Bachman, the group seems to have nothing more productive to do (think fiscal cliff) than to whistle dixie.

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2 Comments on “Whistling Dixie?”

  1. List of X Says:

    No, if that Sunday Susan Rice actually said it was a terrorist attack, Republicans would blame her for disclosing classified information.

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