Today is the holiday where Americans give thanks for their good fortune.  For sure the bountifulness of each American’s good fortune varies.  So good fortunes is often augmented with hopes.

This year I am giving thanks or hoping for:

  • The reelection of Barack Obama and his steady, moderate path.  The Country has dodged a right bent Administration where the privileged got more while the rest were left behind.
  • Capitalism’s silent hand is reallocating resources.  A balanced, slow growth economy will be more resistant to sudden retrenchments.  In an ever more globally competitive world, the US needs to stability of a stable economy.
  • Affordable Care Act will get a chance to prove itself.  Questions surrounding full access to health care, with dignity and fairness will be answered.  The role of “for profit” insurance companies will be addressed as will the adequacy of the entire health care delivery system.  Will ACA be seen as an improvement and/or a step towards universal health care?
  • Religious freedom is rightly being seen as the individual right of everyone to practice their faith providing such practice does not infringe upon others.
  • The growing recognition that only a woman can be responsible for her reproductive health decisions.  In parallel, there is an emerging consensus also to avoid abortions, where ever possible, by eliminating unwanted pregnancies.
  • The full recognition of sexual orientation and that committed couples should not face discrimination is becoming the norm.  It will not be long before Federal, State, and Local governments get out of the marriage business and instead focus upon civil unions between committed couples.
  • The Supreme Court will not tilt more to the right should there be a vacancy and the need for a new Justice appointment.  The current court has established itself as an “activist court”.  There is hope, if the Court has read the last election correctly, of a less activist and more past precedent oriented body.

There are the thoughts for which I am grateful and in some cases hopeful for further gains.  Lest I forget, I wonder whether the Red Sox will make a comeback and whether the University of Michigan football team will return to the top ten?


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