Following the reelection of President Obama, or saying it differently, the election defeat of Mitt Romney and all that his election would have stood for, there has been a fairly wide spread call from certain quarters to again secede from the Union.

The secession proponents fit a certain mold.  They exhibit a paranoia based upon the delusion that the rest of America is scheming about how to take from them and give to others.   They also hold a distorted view of the relationship of State sovereignty and the benefits of a strong national government.  Their understanding of history or current world events seems totally absent.

So, don’t these people crying for secession realize that elections have consequences.  A majority of voters selected on candidate over the other.  In the next period of time the winning candidate will have the opportunity to advance the policies he/she campaigned upon.  Then there will be another election and voters will get to decide again.  All that is required is for the losing side to wait, make their case again, and ask voters to pick them this time.

I just wonder where secession fits in?

I also wonder whether the secessionists have heard of Egypt?  I wonder whether they know that in an open election, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood won a narrow victory.  I wonder whether they know that this person has ordered the writing of a new Constitution (changing the rules of how the game is played).  And I wonder whether they know this person has decided not to wait for the new Constitution and just assumed new sweeping powers.

The US secessionists do not represent a majority and their secession cries do not ring true for most Americans.  Secessionists are at peace with the Union as long as they are in charge.  If they lose an election, then they want new rules.

Egypt should be a wake up call for Americans.  We take for granted that elections have consequences with regards to laws and policies but we assume the overall electoral process will remain unchanged.  If the winner fails to deliver, the next election is the time to correct.  Secession does not fit in our system, nor should it fit in any democratic process.

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3 Comments on “Secession”

  1. eurobrat Says:

    My favorite part of this secession talk is that many of the states where people have signed the petitions are blue states–like Oregon, where I live. They really are states where the majority of people voted for Obama. So how is this secession thing supposed to work, then?

    • Eurobrat, you probably have seen this already, but just in case…

      There seems to be no end to places where the local residents identify with their specific region rather than the larger State they are part of… for example, the Kurds, the Pashtuns, or the Catalonians…

      In the current US environment, there are some who do not accept the election results… the President does not look (or think) like them… and since they could not get their way through the ballot box, they want to caste their fate to secession…

      It is doubtful that any serious big money interest wants to see secession work… even if they also do not like Obama’s policies. I don’t see secession happening in any State or region.

      The real problem lies in how to reconcile the views of secessionists with the Federal institutions and not just ignoring them…

      • eurobrat Says:

        Yep, I have heard about the Cascadia Region…and I am definitely not saying that the concerns of the secessionists should be ignored. I just think that their desire to secede would be very difficult to carry out in a country in which most states have politically divided populations. I really hope it doesn’t go so far as violent conflict of some sort.

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