Are The Woods Big Enough?

Congress, years ago, passed legislation that established Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.  These programs were intended to ensure that Americans, whether they were retired or disabled or just unlucky and in the grip of poverty, would have health care and financial assistance to ease old age or tough times.  These programs were not gifts, but were a payout from funds collected from all Americans.  The government was supposed to be an administrator and not the rich uncle.  Hmmm.

Over the years much has changed.  More recently, while the rich have gotten richer, Congress has consistently stepped away from its responsibility to keep these programs on their intended goals.  Congress has also been woeful keeping adequate funding in place.  Now Congress’ past malfeasance has caught up. Congress seems to be weighing the value of tanks instead of maintaining health care for the poor and the elderly.  How can Congress members sleep at night?

First, Congress members refer to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security as entitlements.  This pejorative term poisons the atmosphere immediately.  It suggests that recipients are entitled to take and prefer not to give back.  The term turns a blind eye to recognition that America is the richest country in the world and that other modern industrial countries have similar programs.

Second, Congress can fix this dilemma through higher (or new) taxes and adopting some sensible modifications.  Instead, many in Congress seems more willing to denigrate Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security and imply that hard work (read personal savings) is all that is necessary to attain health care or pension relief.  For the top 2% this might be close to true.  For most of Americans, unless Medicare and Medicaid are eliminated in favor of Universal Health Care for all Americans, the future is not very bright.

Native Americans are said to have practiced a form of healthcare Congress seems to be moving towards.  When native Americans got old and could no longer hunt, they simply walked into the woods.  In the woods they were no longer a burden upon their family or their tribe.  Hmmm.

What an elegant solution.  Maybe Congress is really thinking.


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3 Comments on “Are The Woods Big Enough?”

  1. List of X Says:

    I am thinking that it’s time for Congress to take a long walk in the woods as well. Republicans can go first.

  2. tryanmax Says:

    X, do the Republicans get to go first b/c they were the first to warn that this would happen?

  3. X and T, thanks for commenting. In my opinion, Congress consist of all present and past members, at least back to Bill Clinton… of course, there would be exception like Dennis Kucinich who would have given the entire treasury away and asked nothing in return…

    Medicare, Medicaid, and social security are like the countries infrastructure. Unless there are regular repairs and improvements, these programs either deteriorate or become insolvent, or both.

    Congress members have not been elected for years because they kept important services up to snuff… rather they got elected by telling their constituents what they wanted to hear and their financial supporters what they requested… Sad

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