A Vision Of Things To Come?

Last evening, Americans probably saw the end of John Boehner’s Speakership.  Speaker Boehner was unwilling to bring his own tax/spending cut bill to the House floor because he knew it would not pass.  This probably marks the end of any efforts by Boehner.  His only path forward, if he wishes to display any intellectual honesty, would be to bring a Senate tax/spending cut bill to the floor with the expectation that a House bi-partisan majority approve it.  This would be a service to the Country but not something he could get reelected Speaker on.

So, how did we get to this spot?  Hmmm.   Ask yourself if you know what the “Republican” brand stands for?

I can tell you a few things it does not stand for.  Republican Congress members represent enormously disparate groups.  From bible thumpers to out in the woods survivalists, to extreme libertarians, to right of center business people make up the GOP.  In the last election, Republicans were against latinos (immigration), gays and lesbians (same sex marriage and DOMA), science (intelligent design, global warming), women (reproductive health, Planned Parenthood), and common sense (big bird).  Each of these declarations elicited cheers from narrow groups of supporters.  The problem Republicans encountered was that the tide of public opinion and the evidence all around did not agree with their positions.  The election went to President Obama.

Quiet in the background is the Democratic Party.  They appear much more focused and united than Republicans.  I suspect the truth is that the only thing Democrats are united upon is they are not Republicans and unite to oppose these extreme Republican views.

A trillion dollar debt and no fiscal plan to stop its increase is something all Americans should find appalling.  Yet Democrats seem content with increasing taxes on the wealthy and taking mouse bites out of some spending programs.

Should the GOP collapse and the Democrats are somehow in charge, do you think they will tackle the projected trillion dollar debt in any meaningful way?

In the simplest of terms, fixing the debt and deficit problems requires collecting more in taxes and spending less in government expenditures.  Too high an increase in taxes or to deep a cut in spending all bring their own problems.  Probably some “big ideas” are necessary to get us out of the box we seem to be in.  In any case, remedies do not need to be all at once.  They could be a little now, a little more next year, and so on.

Think about it.  The fiscal cliff negotiations only yield a dent in deficit reduction.  There is no talk of what needs to come next.  Why should a fiscal conservative not worry?  Why should someone who feels strongly about healthcare not worry about the future of Medicare and Medicaid?

So today we are witnessing the implosion of the Republican Party.  They cannot agree among themselves on a course of action and cannot accept the majority vote of Americans in the last election.  They are finished without some eureka moment very soon.  I submit that Democrats will following close behind.  Democrats’ most progressive ideas are policies without funding.  Moderates will revolt next.

The American “two party” system has done the country well.  The system worked because each party represented a view and fought for their view.  When the vote was taken or the national election occurred, the majority got its way.  The two party system is now at a cross roads because one party is in collapse.

There is still time but it is getting short.  I think I can see where this is going if the GOP does not get its act together.


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