Philadelphia’s Big Decision

Thinking back over 2012, do you remember the wild claims that the Obama Administration was against “religious freedom”?  A number of faith based organizations, most notably the Catholic Church cried foul over the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that employers provide health care insurance which contain full woman’s reproductive health coverage… read birth control.

These religious groups claimed their deeply held beliefs would be violated if they were forced to pay for birth control means.  These same groups vehemently denounced abortion, but incredulously were against family planning and birth control.  What were they thinking?  Certainly not about the needs of women.

The Philadelphia School District has announced that in January following the year end school break, they will install condom dispensers in 22 of Philadelphia’s public high schools.  OMG…  Is this another assault on religious freedoms?

The school district explained that the 22 high schools selected already had unacceptably high rates of STD (sexually transmitted disease).  Providing condoms was an act of public health, not a statement about birth control.

Time will tell whether this step will impact STD or the number of unwanted pregnancies.  It is, however, a prudent step and a positive sign of common sense.


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4 Comments on “Philadelphia’s Big Decision”

  1. FLPatriot Says:

    Condom machines in schools may be morally disgraceful, but does not infringe on religious freedom. Forcing someone to pay for a product they do not support on religious basis does infringe.

    Being against the killing of unborn babies and against the use of birth control has nothing to do with the rights of women. I know the lunatic left likes to cry “women have the right to do what they want with their bodies” and I agree with them. They have the right to choose to have sex or not. Once they make the choice to have sex and it results in the creation of life, that life has the right to live.

    Now if that women chooses to use birth control, and it does not bother her conscience to do so, then that is her right to do so. But it is against the constitution to force someone to pay for that birth control if it goes against their religious beliefs.

    Now I am not a Catholic and do not support all their beliefs, but I do know the constitution and how to apply common sense to reality.

    • FL, we can agree to disagree, but here’s some comments…

      1. the Philadelphia condoms are not free… they will be paid for by tax payer… some of whom do not approve of condoms… (against their beliefs)…

      2. The ACA’s inclusion of birth control coverage infringes no ones freedom of religion… since no is required to use them. The argument against is that as an employer, someone who opposes is still required to provide insurance (must pay for) that contains BC coverage… There is no “freedom of religion” issue since the catholic church is not compelled to be in the educaion or hospital business… these are part of the secular society and if a religious person or organization wants to participate, they must follow all the same rules as anyone else… like labor laws, taxes, etc.

      3. Birth control is a personal choice. No one is forced to use it. But no one should impose their personal views which deny these choices on others, especially women. (in my opinion)

      • FLPatriot Says:

        1. Didn’t think they where free, thought the kids would pay for it if they wanted it. I would be against having tax payers pay for the condoms. This is another sad sign of the pathetic state of government education.

        2. So you believe that if someone starts a charity they give up their religious freedoms?

        3. If it is a personal choice then it should be paid for by that person. Once you make me part of your personal choice it is no longer solely your choice. No one is calling for a ban on birth control, just leave me out of your personal choice to use it.

  2. FL… good thoughts… and…

    (1) these condoms are justified on a public health basis… STD… it is a side benefit that they may reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies…

    (2) Don’t be fooled… the catholic church is exiting all sorts of schools and churches that have low attendance and are losing money… In addition, hospitals affiliated with the church are increasing in numbers because it is a good business… Notre Dame’s football team will make a ton of money this year (like in excess of $70 million dollars) Does it make sense that the football teams coaches would not have BC as part of their health care and that the University of Alabama’s coaches will?

    (3) Again, in most cases BC is not free… The ACA says it must be included at no extra cost… Insurance companies will jockey around their costs and the overall premiums paid by employers and in most all case, partially paid by the employee will be covering what ever small expense BC contributes…

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