Thinking Beyond The Front Page

Most of us have heard the phrase, “religion is the opium of the masses”.  Karl Marx wrote these words.  He was describing this social convention which took the everyday person’s eye and mind off of the otherwise tough life they were facing.  When I read the newspapers or listen to the 7/24 talking heads, I am reminded of this phrase.

In America today, life is far better (materially) than Marx’s times.  We have both so much and so much more opportunity.  Yet, I wonder whether Americans worry about what could lie just around the corner?

Capitalism is hard at work.  Bankers and Investment CEOs are making unheard of amounts of money each year.  A millionaire used to be a rare and admired person.  Today, even a billionaire is just another person scrapping to make a buck.  But we don’t talk much about these very wealthy people or the systems that enable and allow this much accumulation of assets.

Instead the 7/24 media blasts us with other issues to worry about 

  • Congressional gridlock
  • Citizens United
  • Obamacare
  • Syria and Benghazi
  • Smaller government
  • Secure Borders
  • Entitlements

and many other equally unenlightening reports results.

Is anyone thinking about what’s around the corner?

  • Congressional gridlock teaches future generation that their government officials are useless and their laws should not be respected.
  • Citizens United teaches that free speech is much freer with money.  Truth and principles are no longer important.  Just paper the airwaves with propaganda.
  • Obamacare, while a moral and ethical step forward, is woefully lacking in delivering world class health care.
  • Syria and Benghazi lay out clearly how different regions of the world can be, and the futility of outside influence when most of the population is uneducated and poor.
  • Smaller government is a misnomer.  Entitlement spending has nothing to do with the size of government.  What is needed are answers to how to provide healthcare with affordability and dignity for all, and how to continually find more efficient means to provide government services.
  • Secure Borders is a triumph of sloganeering.  There is actually a problem with undocumented Mexicans and solutions lie in making documentation straight forward and available.
  • Entitlements usually means Medicare and Medicaid, and Social Security.  Medicare and Medicaid is healthcare for those with fixed incomes and those who cannot afford insurance.  Reform healthcare for everyone and the problem disappears.  Social Security is a small problem today but one that has the potential to become much larger.  Let’s discuss smart modifications.

The current headlines provide the opium for the masses and take their eyes off the consequences and the root causes of today’s real problems. A wide group of special interests benefit from keeping these topics in the 7/24 headlights.  These interests do not want us to see beyond the front page.


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3 Comments on “Thinking Beyond The Front Page”

  1. FLPatriot Says:

    Another well done article.

    All though I would disagree with your summary of some of those topics I do agree that 99% of what the “news” reports is nothing but a distraction.

    America has been dumbed down one generation after another ever since the government decided it was easier to govern a nation of consumers instead of producers.

    “Ignorance is bliss” is the mission statement of America.

    • FL, first thanks for the comment…

      It is true that most Americans pay little attention to government and its functioning… and certainly compared to european countries… That, however, in my opinion does not give a free hand to those who choose to become members of Congress (or at the State and Local levels) to do as they please without a view towards the greater good.

      Cynically, it these Congressional members are going to enrich themselves, they need to work tirelessly to put America on the straight and narrow so that everyone else, not in government, has also a chance to do well

  2. FLPatriot Says:

    BTW, Capitolism has not been at work in America for over a houndred years. We are solidly in the middle of a crony capitalist/socialist economic system.

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