Marco Rubio, A New Face, A New Hero

Following President Obama’s State of the Union speech, the GOP will offer a rebuttal.  Florida Senator Marco Rubio gets the honors and is now being hailed as the “break out” hope for the party.  Hmmm.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal was the break out hope in 2009 and went no place with those accolades.  This year is different and maybe Rubio can strike a cord of common sense.  While Rubio is Cuban and of course speaks perfect Spanish, he has not expressed much in common with Mexicans caught in the undocumented aliens dilemma. 

Senator Rubio has a narrow path to thread.  He just might have his eye on the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination, so amnesty is not in the cards, you know “no line cutters”.  Yet both common sense and the last election scream at the GOP to recognize and deal with the estimated 11 million undocumented residents living in America.

Washington pundits are warning that immigration reform will be a zero sum game.  If Congress passes useful legislation, the President will claim credit and the GOP will not get any.  Maybe, but I think there is enough credit to go around.  

The problem the GOP is experiencing is that their policies (ranging from contraception, women’s rights, intelligent design, sharply cutting entitlements, and increasing defense spending) that they choose to support are demonstrably out of touch with the majority of voters.  A new GOP face with a smoother delivery is not the answer.  GOP policies must reflect the greater good for the Country.

Immigration reform is really about undocumented Mexicans.  Finally labor and business are recognizing that bringing the 11 million in from the shadows makes financial sense (not to mention humanitarian good).

The question for tonight is who’s hero will Marco try to be?  

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