Massive Coverup

Senator John McWho gave an interviewer a catchy sound bite over the weekend.  There is a massive coverup underway, McWho said.  He was referring to the Obama Administration’s official position following the Benghazi attack.  Was it a spontaneous demonstration or a planned terrorist action?  McWho said he knew the answer.

McWho believes President Obama kept the cause of the Consulate attack a mystery so that he could continue his campaign statements that al-Qaeda had been smashed.  How could something be so broken, yet still be so lethal, McWho reasoned.

As with Iraq and US withdrawal, McWho is consistent.  He said “if US withdraws, al Qaeda will follow us home and we will be fighting them in the US”.  Hmmm.

McWho has missed a couple of important points.  Terrorism and terrorists are like bacteria.  There are many different types.  They are everywhere and what you do in one spot will have little or no impact elsewhere.  The 9/11 al Qaeda (what’s left of them) reside in Pakistan/Afghanistan, not Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Mali, or Libya.

McWho also has not studied the Presidential election results very well.  President Obama won the election for reasons unrelated to foreign policy.  Mitt Romney lost the election for reasons unrelated to foreign policy.

So why exactly is John McCain continually harping on the Benghazi tragedy?  Does the former Presidential candidate harbor bad feelings about his defeat?

Or, is he like old soldiers (they never die, they just fade away).  I wonder whether McCain even realize he is becoming McWho?

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