Former Representative Pleads Guilty

What is so newsworthy about the headline “Former Representative Pleads Guilty”?  It is a bit like “dog bites man” – nothing so surprising.

The headline, of course, I am referring to was written this time in reference to Jesse Jackson, Jr.  The allegations refer to Jackson’s use of campaign funds for personal purchases.  Hmmm.  (Still not man bites dog.)

Hubris is a strange bird.  Politicians often catch this bird once they are elected to office.  After 17 years in office, It is hard to avoid.  There are so many people seeking ones opinion or help.  And naturally this attention is accompanied with a willingness to pay.  The pay is called campaign donations and/or “considerations” for family and close friends.

Federal prosecutors allege that Jackson misappropriated about $750,000 from his campaign treasury.  That is a pretty good headline.  But there’s more.  Jackson bought expensive watches, Michael Jackson memorabilia, furs for unnamed recipients, and much more.  Spending that much money on things is not easy.  That is another good headline.

Over the past several years, Jackson managed to have an affair, get involved in a Federal probe of trying to bribe former Governor Rob Blagojevich, and hid out in various medical facilities claiming “mood disorders”.  Any of those would be a good headline too.

Yesterday, however, Fox News shared with the world their take.  The fair and balanced news station mused that they were astonished that other networks and news media were reporting “former Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr pleads guilty”.  Why, asked Fox News, did those stations not report that “former Representative (D,IL) Jesse Jackson, member of President Obama’s party, pleads guilty…”

I now have a better appreciation for “fair and balanced”.  I had always thought that greed was a human condition and greed was neither red or blue, but both.  


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3 Comments on “Former Representative Pleads Guilty”

  1. FLPatriot Says:

    It is true that if he was a Republican then that would have been joined to his name at every mention. The double standard has become the norm, it is only ammusing when the lunatic left get’s huffy when it is pointed out.

    • FL, I sometimes wonder if the world is passing you by… Jackson turned out to be a petty, self absorbed bum… His transgressions were many and “former Representative Pleads guilty” hardly fits the occasion. Jackson represents a wide problem among many (if not most) of our elected officials… it is all about “what’s in it for me”… this is a red/blue, progressive/conservative, and D/R problem… You do yourself an injustice being so paranoiac…

      • FLPatriot Says:

        It’s not paranoia if reality backs it up. Is corruption a party issue? Not at all, nearly all politicians are corrupt. Does the majority of media fail to point out Democrat corruption? All the time. Most notably in recent new John Edwards, Jessie Jackson jr and Rod Blagojevich, among others. In those three cases the majority of media did not specify their party affiliation to protect the image of the Democrats.

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