The Next Bushmaster? Not

This post is not about guns.  It is about someone who apparently can’t shoot straight.

In 2000, the wrong Bush ran for office and was unfortunately elected.  It is not that George W Bush is (or was) a bad person.  Rather, he was an intellectually lazy person who had spent his whole life skating the edges based upon his inherited wealth and family position.  Jeb Bush is not that type of person.

Jeb has some of the same assets.  He has inherited wealth and all the connections that come from being a Bush.  Jeb, however, has a record as Governor of Florida where he worked hard.  He also had the good sense not to contest the Presidential nomination in 2008 or 2012 while the memories of George W’s terms were still fresh in people’s minds.

But the Presidential office magnet is pulling hard.  Jeb has decided to publish a book (actually co-authored).  The subject?  Why immigration of course.

The timing could not be more perfect for Jeb to provide a reasoned and compassionate proposal for comprehensive immigration reform that included a path to citizenship.  Such a recommendation would be practical, pragmatic, and well received.  Apparently you will not find that argument in the book, this according to an interview on NPR.

Rather, Jeb Bush argues that comprehensive immigration reform is only about registering undocumented aliens.  If any of these estimated 11 million want a path to citizenship, they need to return home and “get in line”.  Bush justified this position because the “rule of law” must be followed.

There is no doubt that our current immigration policies and enforcement practices are not working.  Never the less, calling the 11 million “an immigration problem” is missing the point.  The US has a “Mexican” problem.  Our next door neighbor has too many unemployed good workers and the US has too many jobs our citizens do not wish to hold at the wages that are being offered.  Despite our politicians public statements, too many Americans are quite happy to look the other way (in restaurants, housekeeping, gardening, construction, and on farms).  At least half the “immigration problem” is that “job creators” prefer Mexicans as workers.

But all this is grist for Congressional debate.  Jeb Bush’s new book is simply a signal that Republicans still don’t get it.  Bush’s denial of a pathway to citizenship is blatantly a ploy to block the addition of more potential Democrat voters.  The irony is that the GOP lost the last election because woman, Hispanics, and other minorities did not like GOP policies… and these groups have emerged as a majority voting block.

The most likely interpretation of Bush’s position is what he has assessed as necessary to win the GOP Presidential primary.  What a sad commentary and important message.

It does, however, have a bright side.  It will clear even more room for Jon Huntsman.

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2 Comments on “The Next Bushmaster? Not”

  1. J. Palmer Says:

    Sounds like Jeb wasn’t far from calling for the self-deportation that sank the USS Romney.

    • Jason, for sure… many GOP politicians simply cannot see the difference between what you say (that is policy) and how you say it (choice of words). Rebranding means that policies must change, not principles…

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