A Roman Opera

I have resisted writing about the unfolding process that will select a new Pope.  I normally only write about the Catholic Church when they are caught in obvious hypocrisy or when they try to apply their beliefs on others.  In essence, the selection of a new Pope does not fit either condition.

So, why write now?

In a way Catholic Church leaders are writing a new opera.  Their current repertoire contains operas which speak to church organization and direction with a blind eye towards child abuse, money laundering, science, and the full recognition of women and homosexuals.  The question before the house is will the new opera be like those of the past, or will the new opera lead the Church down a different path?

It is important to recognize that all the existing operas were created by men.  It stands to reason that despite the difficulty of changing direction in an institution as inbred as the Catholic Church, in theory all it takes is for the “new man” to lead in a different direction.

Hmmm.  Why would that happen?

The Catholic Church represents big business.  It owns vast holdings and has the potential of plentiful income streams.  It sells a product which can never be proved or disproved.  All logical questioning of its dogmas can be refuted in the end by the simply statement, “it’s a matter of faith”.  (I bet President Obama would love to be in that position.)

Unfortunately, the Catholic business and its accompanying brand are in trouble.  It is an old man’s club in an age of younger people and a healthy mix of women.  With respect to homosexuals, there is no reason to believe that there are less homosexuals amongst the Catholic Church clergy (and there is a good argument that there may be a greater percent present) than in the overall population.  Even more to the point, it is only a matter of time before priests begin to “come out” in public.

In business parlance, it is best to get ahead of the curve.

The Catholic Church is a private organization and, of course, has every right to select a new Pope that looks and acts just like the previous ones.  There is nothing immoral or unethical about such a decision.  I suspect, however, that if the next Pope is like the last one, the new Pope will end up leading a parade with a lot less followers.

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3 Comments on “A Roman Opera”

  1. List of X Says:

    Even if the new Pope isn’t at all like the old one, it probably still won’t improve the position of the church because their core product will not change (or, at the very least, will not change quickly). Just like people won’t suddenly start buying Blackberry phones again simply because RIM hires a new CEO.
    But at least while those at RIM may actively try to get on with the times, those in Rome are dead set on keeping everything as close as possible to their centuries-old traditions.

    • X, I agree totally with your view. Walking a mile, however, begins with one step.

      If magically, the catholic church stopped trying to push their views on others, I wouldn’t care who the new Pope was…

      • List of X Says:

        “if catholic church stopped trying to push their views on others” – if they stopped doing that, they just wouldn’t be a church anymore.

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