The Conservative Political Action Committee concluded its annual convention Friday with a straw poll.  CPAC’s selection narrowly favored Rand Paul, thereby launching his 2016 Presidential campaign.  But Rand was not the only darling of the Convention.

The usual, fiery orators who are content to make “throw them red meat” speeches, did so again even in the face of other realities.  Each of the speakers justify their comments with the statement (to the effect), “yes we lost the last election, but that is no reason to abandon our principles”.  On the surface that sounds laudatory.  On reflection, one must wonder what they are really thinking?

On the national level, the last election’s demographics were clear.  The GOP “principles” on women, gays, immigrants, and science failed the GOP in 2012, and are not going to cut it in the future.  Gaining the GOP Presidential nomination is another matter.  So the CPAC speeches might be just aimed at that target.


The more polished speakers, such as Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush refrained from saying really stupid things.  Paul Ryan, also a polished orator, pitched his deficit eliminating budget.  Ryan’s budget, however, relies on repeal of Obamacare (again with no plan on how to provide the coverage), and proposed tax reforms (oh yes, without any description of the exemptions that would be eliminated but the plan has been described as a tax break for the wealthy).  Hmmm.

Speakers with less substance, such as Michelle Backmann and Sarah Palin, said nothing but, what they said, was hailed by the audience as breathtaking.   Palin’s ignorant display of a 32 ounce Big Gulp while a clear statement on individual choice also showed an even greater lack of appreciation for “star appeal”.  Sarah was telling anyone looking on that unlimited intake of sugar bore no risk to ones health.  Sad.

If one considers the entire conference one is left with an unmistakeable impression that CPAC was not “packed” with anything sensible.  It would have been better labeled C-NAUGHT for the hollowness of the ideas and speeches.  Hmmm.

I am struck with thought that just possibly CPAC speakers are not serious about the White House.  Rather, the GOP sees itself as better suited as a perpetual minority party.  From this platform, the GOP can pontificate on how things should not be, and still keep getting elected in highly gerrymandered districts.

Hmmm.  Maybe C-NAUGHT is pretty clever.



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