Spring Surprises

When Spring arrives, many Americans’ thoughts turn to baseball.  It is true that for the next three weeks, basketball will be king, but that’s for the here and now.  Baseball is for the “forever”.

Most fans’ favorite teams have been reconstructed during the off season and are poised to either win again, or this time, upset the more favored teams.  Fans “know” their hearts will swell with pride come July, unless they are Red Sox fans where pride will dissolve into disappointment when the team crashes in August.

Never the less, Spring is such a hopeful time.

Against this backdrop, it was interesting to see much of the reaction to the Republican National Committee’s report on the 2012 Presidential election and what had to change if the GOP wanted to win.  Probably the biggest objection centered on efforts to make the campaign shorter and eliminate caucuses.  One only needs to remember what was the circus like process that just occurred to understand the wisdom in this recommendation.  Rand Paul, Rick Santorum, and Sarah Palin all weighed in that the primary process was just fine as is.  Hmmm.

The GOP is up against a perplexing problem.  If the GOP selection process was effective in building a platform and in selecting the standard barer, why should they expect to win in 2016?  The demographics are pointing in the wrong direction.

Like most baseball teams that grow old or follow poor strategies, it turns out they don’t win.  Baseball teams “rebuild” when that occurs.  Baseball teams may change from being a “power team” to a “hit, run, and steal” team.  But what most teams realize, you can’t be both at the same time.

The GOP can be about individual liberties and smaller government, or they can emphasize fiscal discipline and effective government.  They simply can’t be both.   Unless the GOP strategy serves the needs of a demographic majority, the one they select won’t win either.

Spring brings hope.  I hope the GOP thinks about this.


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