Smaller Government

Pennsylvania’s Republican controlled State Legislature and Governor are sounding (and acting) like they are serious about ending the State Liquor Control Board’s retail operations, and all the surly stores that go with it.  This is such wonderful news that  I am about to take back all the bad things I have ever said about the GOP as a tribute to this sensible act.  Hurray, hurray.

Pennsylvania is the largest US purchaser of wines, and yet still manages to offer mediocre wines at high prices.  Oh, if you want beer, you have two choices.  You may frequent a “beer distributor” and buy your beer in case amounts (no less, sorry), or you can go to a neighborhood bar (taproom in Pennsylvania) and purchase a six pack at naturally higher prices. 

Surrounding States like New Jersey and Delaware, which both have privately owned alcoholic beverage stores, offer wider selections, all available in one store, at equal or lower prices, plus the distinct advantage of a courteous and attentive staff.  Hmmm.

This decision should have been made long ago as it relates to business and customer service.  Why has it taken so long?  The State liquor system employes a lot of people and accounts for a lot of patronage positions.   Hmmm.

In an age where the State is trying to privatize the State Lottery and the State Turnpike, reduce aid to higher education, and whose roads and bridges are decaying, State Liquor outlets doesn’t make the grade.    


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