The New Jersey Caper

You may have missed the following article which appeared in some weekend newspapers.  For obvious reasons, government authorities and other interested groups were not in favor of wide publicity.  The article read in part:

A group of about 40 members of a Scandinavian white supremacist group, entered the US on Thursday evening under the cover of darkness.  Using two commercial fishing boats, the group motored through Townsends Inlet and headed north on the Intercoastal Waterway.  When they reached Ludlam Bay they went ashore, just east of the New Jersey’s Garden State Parkway.

After they had regrouped, they crossed the Parkway and headed inland.  The invaders soon came across the “Shady Oaks Campgrounds”, just off Route 50, and appropriated the empty summer trailers.  This would be their first camp in their new Country.

The mercenaries were discovered on Friday by some Campground owners who were checking on their property.  These owners alerted authorities who in turn rushed to the camp with the idea of apprehending some unorganized drug users and thereby restore peace and calm to the area.  To their surprise, law enforcement authorities were met with a hail of bullets and were forced to pull back.

Members from a couple of South Jersey gun and motorcycle clubs broke out their weapons, including an array of assault weapons, and decided they would end this standoff.  After a brief encounter, these locals were forced to withdraw (huffing, puffing, and bleeding)  because they could not “out gun” the invading trained militia.

Friday night, again under the cover of darkness, a US Marines Company from Camp Lejeune were airlifted into Atlantic City Airport and were quickly move to Seaville.  The Marines then surrounded the campgrounds sealing in the invaders.  When Saturday morning arrived, the Marines made contact with the invading group and asked them to put down their weapons and surrender.  The group refused and said they would kill anyone who tried to enter their compound.

Late Saturday afternoon, the Marines called in an airstrike which leveled the camp site killing most of the invaders.  Those remaining put down their weapons and were taken into custody.

Of course, this report is fiction.  It does, however, serve the purpose of revealing how hollow and senseless  claims made by gun rights groups.   They claim the right to bear arms (and in particular assault weapons) is necessary to protect them from the US government.  In the beer hall, such claims may sound attractive, but in the real world they are hollow and meaningless.

It is time the public confronts the notion that the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms is related (in 2013), in any way, to protect citizens from a government they do not agree with.  Just as police forces provide first level personal protection, the ballot box and free speech should be the method of shaping government policy and protecting each of us from policies we do not like.


Universal background checks, reduced size ammunition clips, and outlawing assault weapons are not going to assure there will never be another Aurora or Sandy Hook.  In a civilized society, however, where rule of law is bedrock, the notion that we facilitate disturbed citizens and enable them to turn their personal ideas or mental illnesses into mass killings seems incongruous.

Those who choose to own firearms take on the responsibility of both safe use as well as safe keeping.  There is plenty of room for wide spread gun owner ship for hunting, sport, and personal safety.    The position of those who say there should be no limits is commonsense-wise inconsistent with good order.

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