Do It All Mom

Every so often, one sees a news article that just puts life in a better order.  With our media full of second rate politicians pontificating senselessly over gun controls and immigration reform, an obituary in Sunday’s New York Times projected American life, at least at one time, as both sensible and merit based.

The obituary chronicled the life of Dr. Yvonne Brill.  Dr. Brill was a rocket scientist whose discoveries are still circling the earth.  But according the obituary, Brill was much more.  She was a wife and mother who did it all.

Mrs. Brill, a Canadian by birth, tried to enter engineering school but was denied entry because she was a woman.  Instead she earned degrees in math and chemistry graduating at the top of her class.  After marrying William Brills, she followed him where ever his job took them.  Dr Brills changed her job often in order to meet family needs, and at one point stop working all together when her children were young.  She returned to full time employment working on rockets.  She earned a number of patents, and received a number of prestigious awards, include in 2011 the National Medal of Technology from President Obama.

Many of the current crop of Washington politicians who oppose both immigration reform and gun control, also speak silently when it comes to removing prejudices and obstacles limiting women in the workplace.  Dr. Brill’s career shows how women can follow their man, take time to raise their children, and still contribute in the workplace at the highest levels.

At first I thought that Dr. Brill proved the point that more women should be in Congress.  Then as I thought more about it, I concluded Dr. Brill’s life was not proof, but was only a good example.  In Congress we do not have any way to measure the value of what any Congress members does.

Had anyone from Congress switched roles with Dr. Brill, our weather satellites would be falling out of the sky and we would be told it was the other party’s fault.


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