Dodging A Bullet?

It looks like the Senate will hold a procedural vote today on whether to bring forward gun control legislation.  The bill, among other things, would expand background checks at the time of gun purchases.  Pretty commonsense but you would never know that by the antics of over a dozen Republican Senators.

Using Senate rules this dozen plus threaten to keep the bill from ever being discussed and therefore from ever being voted upon.  Hmmm.

Rules are rules.  When rules stop working, normally they are changed.  So the dozen plus are well within their Senate rights.  Their greater problem is the American public relations impact this stunt would have upon other Republicans and the Republican brand.

America prides itself in having a 2 party political process.  If one honestly assesses the various factions in each party, one would conclude America has many more parties.  The two part system, however, has had one enduring quality.  It has allowed for decisions to take place.  By trying to block this measure procedurally, these dozen plus were violating the underlying principle of America’s two party system.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders would like to increase social security benefits if he could.  He believes this is morally justified and something America can afford. The rest of Congress does not support Sanders and his proposals get defeated.  Bernie doesn’t like that but recognizes the will of the majority rules.

The GOP may be waking up to the realization that when some of their members begin to think they can play by rules which the American people do not support their brand will suffer.  It is looking like the GOP will dodge a bullet this time.

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