Immigration and the American Union

Is it time, once again, raise the virtues of a European-like union here in North America?

Such a Union would go a long way to reduce the shear stupidity and wastefulness of most of the current boarder sealing efforts.  It would also allow Congress to base immigration quotas on some more rational and enforceable basis.  I wonder whether the “Bushmaster Crowd” would support such an idea?

The European Union is not the most perfect analogy.  What is appealing, however, is the transportability of labor.  Workers from Italy can enter the workforce in Germany without restrictions.  If the same were true in America, then Canadian or Mexican citizens (documented in their own country) could seek employment anywhere in the US.  And the reverse would also be true.

With documents, taxes and benefits could be monitored.  This is an important aspect.  Potentially many who crossed the borders could fall into the category of “economic immigrant” where the person comes to the US for the purpose of obtaining free healthcare and welfare benefits.  While this presents heart saddening situations, it is not the responsibility of the US to extend unlimited resources for the poor of other countries.

Unlimited immigration is not the goal.  Immigrants must still meet some total quota number.  For the US to grow, we need some increase in total population.   Too low a population growth rate can be offset with more immigrants and too fast a population growth can be controlled by adjusting down the maximum number per year.

The overall intention of an American Union would be to make it attractive for people who really want to work to find the US a great place to live.  Why would it not make sense that if someone worked 10 years in the US, had no criminal record, and expressed interest in becoming a citizen, why wouldn’t that be a good outcome?

The American Union has been criticized on the basis of sovereignty.  The Bushmaster crowd, especially, do not want Mexico or Canada to think they can in any way seek to regulate working conditions in say Kansas or North Dakota or Georgia.  This concern’s solution seems straight forward to me.

Another hitch could be this agreement must be reciprocal.  Maybe Mexico and Canada would not like the idea of Americans coming to work in their countries?

And then there are other nations, such as Cuba, other Caribbean Countries, and if we consider Alaska, why not Siberian?  Should they be part of the Union?


Maybe it is better to just consider the concept of “free flow of labor” and issue documents to all Mexicans.  (The alleged 11 million are mainly Mexican.)  If these people work, they can stay.  If these people do not work or can no longer find work, they must return home.  After 10 years, if they have a good record, they can become citizens with no lines.

Pretty simple.

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