Boston’s Turn

Yesterday was Boston’s turn to feel the hurt of cowardly actions.  For reasons we do not know, and by persons unknown, there are three dead, victims of a “do it yourself” bomber.  We must be patient until law enforcement officials crack the case.  Only then will we learn the who, the how, and the why.

The perpetrator(s) might of had some reason, some statement, some revenge they wished to achieve.  Those responsible could have been supporters of a well know cause, or they may have been just someone who felt they had been wronged.  Or, like the Aurora, Colorado mass killing, the Boston tragedy may have just come from the hands of someone who had lost their mind.  In time we may know this.

Revenge and getting even will have to wait.  While there is comfort in believing this crime will not go unpunished, who to punish and how to punish cannot be selected now. That process will have to wait.

Pictures and news reports showed a grand side of Boston.  While smoke still billowed, dozens of first responders ran into the bomb zone to aid and rescue those injured.  Where someone was willing to take other’s lives, others were willing to risk theirs freely in order to mitigate the extent of the tragedy.

So, maybe the killer was someone who strongly believed something.  Maybe this person was overcome with the strength and righteousness of their belief.  Maybe their view was so strong they could not help but kill others.  Maybe.

In situations like this, I cannot help but think about Hindus and Buddhists who wished to protest the most egregious oppression.  Self immolation is a sad and dreadful way to end ones life.  Never-the-less, self immolation is about a single person’s statement.  It does not take life of another.

Yesterday wasn’t just Boston’s day.  In Iraq, over 50 car bombs exploded taking countless lives.  I am sure that when the facts behind the Boston tragedy are known, just as in Iraq, innocent victims will have died for no purpose.  Self immolation looks better all the time.

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2 Comments on “Boston’s Turn”

  1. FLPatriot Says:

    My prayers have gone out to all those affected in Boston. My wife is from just outside Boston and we had friends running in the marathon, none hurt thankfully.

    A thought I have been having I was hoping to get your input. President Obama made a statement and then a member of the administration made an updated statement calling the event a “terror attack”. I was not dissapointed by the President not calling it a terror attack, but then was confused that the White House admins felt it necessary to make that update. Personally I think this was an act of violence.

    Then a friend asked me what the difference was. So what I am asking is that would you say there is a difference between an act of violence and an act of terror? I do, but I want to get other’s input to make sure I am not off base.

    • FL, this is my opinion…

      President Obama got caught in semantics, a gift from the post 9/11 Bush days… the good old “war on terror”. It polled well, nobody understood the phrase but everyone thought they did…

      Terror, as I understand it, is a state of mind… like I was terrified in a haunted house. Violence is a condition where “violent” acts are or have been committed.

      But using what I think we have morphed to think of terror, and one who practices terror (a terrorist), I would say President Obama got good advice and went neutral… If he had said this was an act of terrorism, most people would have thought of who were the last people to commit acts of terror… Taliban or al Qaeda or Hamas etc.

      The bombing is surely an act of violence. Until we know who did it and why, we are just speculating whether the perpetrator wanted to get into our minds (terror) or just was POed and want to lash out (violence).

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