What A Difference A Day Makes

Sometime today the clouds will break and the sun will shine on Boston.  With the sky blue, spring will once again be the order of the day.  Yesterday, however, was quite different.

In a surreal television experience, the nation watched a manhunt take place in Watertown.  Officials “asked” over 1 million Boston area residents to stay home and in doors.   And most amazingly, voluntarily they did.

The television projected a seamless law enforcement effort.  If what was viewed had been a practice session, law enforcement leaders could not have been prouder or more pleased with their units performance.

The media also distinguished themselves.  Reporters rushed to Boston and became their network’s live voice from the scene.  Surprisingly well, the producers mixed analysis, emerging background information, and live reports to effectively keep the viewer front row in Watertown.

And as by the script as the sun set, officials announced the end of shelter in place without having captured the second suspect.  Then almost on cue, shots rang out and the networks which were about to sign off, were live again.  And then, mercifully, the second suspect was captured, wounded hiding in a winterized boat in a backyard.

It must have been painful for the suspect.  For everyone else there was a release of joy and certainly satisfaction.  Residents cheered the police officers.  The law enforcement officials praised the residents.  It was like the climax to a great symphony.

Boston was ready to forget that the Red Sox and Bruins could not play due to the “shelter in place” request.  Bostonians who could not travel by the T (subway) were ready to get out and meet life again.  You could feel the city exhale.

Now the process of finding out why will begin.  The information available until now offers no credible reason for either the Marathon bombings or the flight from arrest.  Their motive will most likely turn out to be pathetic displaying the suspects’ minds as putty in the hands of other sick people.

It will make no difference.  The only difference that will be important is that Boston is ready to move on.

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