Boston Second Guessers

It is one week since the Boston Marathon tragedy and only a few days since Suspect #2 was captured.  Investigations are underway.  The answer to “why”, however, is not yet known and it may take some time to piece together an explanation.  That doesn’t stop the usual suspects from pontificating their favorite themes.

The NRA swooned that each of Watertown’s 32,000 citizens would have wished to possess a hand gun Thursday evening and Friday (or better yet, an assault rifle) in order to protect themselves.  I guess the NRA did not get the memo saying Suspect #1 and #2 were confronted with single police officer squad cars with fairly positive results (one dead, one wounded).

Senator Chuck Grassley intoned that the Boston tragedy was a good reason to not proceed on immigration reform.  Hmmm.  The US immigration problem is by numbers a Mexican problem and Suspects #1 and #2 were not Mexican (or Hispanic).

Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain along with Representative Peter King all called for treating the suspects as unlawful combatants.  Have the military take control and get the information about those who may have supported the suspects.  Hmmm.  These suspects have committed crimes under both Massachusetts and Federal laws.  The evidence is a plenty.  One suspect is dead (read not much information will be coming from him), and the other is seriously wounded (read not much information will be coming from him either until he recovers).

As far as I know, nails, ball bearings, BB’s, and pressure cookers are readily available for anyone to buy.  In addition, thanks to the NRA, black power can be bought, no questions asked, at your friendly gun dealer.  Hmmm.

The Boston tragedy needs to be handled with the combination of Federal, State, and local officials who have handled it so professionally and so well up to know.  Those preaching from a national stage intent on forwarding their own agendas would be advised to keep quiet.

Boston is not about to become paralyze with the “terrorist fever”.  Boston is a melting pot and is not going to switch to rejecting others coming into their community.  And above all, Boston is an American city whose roots trace back to the writing of the Constitution.  Boston is both capable and ready to serve justice with a thorough investigation and trial.

The second guessers need to find another venue.


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