A New GOP?

I read in the Wall Street Journal that Senator Rand Paul wants to create a movement that will make the Republican party bigger and better.  Hmmm. I wonder what he is thinking?

Paul is the Libertarian’s poster child.  I just wonder what he is thinking.  For example, Libertarianism could help the GOP, at least if Republicans stopped telling women or gays how to run their reproductive health or lead their lives.  The GOP might get more votes.

And a more circumspect view of foreign entanglements might not be so bad if the country transitioned sensibly.  This would get my attention.

But there is more that comes with Libertarians.  And that’s what makes me wonder.

Libertarians love guns, “boot straps”, and their country.  While there is a place for guns, the woods and the city present two quite different conditions.  Personal protection, sports shooting, and hunting do not require military style weapons.

Boot straps refers to the general attitude that everyone should simply “pull themselves up by the bootstraps” if they wish to get ahead (or in many case just to survive).  When said quickly, this attitude sounds plausible.  When boot straps are put in context of modern America, it comes up short for too many people.

And the Libertarian franchise of loving ones country does not bode well for immigration reform.

So on balance it is not clear whether more libertarian views would help or hurt the GOP.  In the last election, the GOP managed to shoot themselves in the foot with little or no help from Libertarians.  But the rise of Rand Paul makes me wonder whether Paul and myself are seeing the same problems.

The current US path is patently unsustainable.  Medicare, Medicaid, and the Defense Department are leading the country to bankruptcy.  Social Security is not far behind. Republicans won’t increase taxes and advocate large cuts in government spending.  I would predict civil unrest if they somehow could pursue this path.

Democrats, on the other hand, are willing to raise taxes (albeit mainly on the rich) and faint at the notion of cutting government spending.  Deficits will keep increasing and the debt will swell with Democrat leadership.  Not a pretty picture this way either.

Congress is hopelessly deadlocked.  Public opinion is all over the map.   With so many gerrymandered districts, it makes little difference what the public thinks anyways.  The same crowd is going to be reelected regardless of their performance.


Americans must wake up.  The American dream is now about the very rich getting richer and the rest staying the same or losing ground.  While the rules of the game are stacked in the rich’s favor, too many Americans are not trying hard enough.

Rand Paul needs to put forth a program where those who do work or study harder will have a reasonable chance to obtain a good paying job.  The Middle Class simply does not earn enough to have any chance at the American dream.

Paul needs policies to wean those now reliant upon the social safety net into good jobs.  And for those who are old, disabled, or no longer capable of work, Paul needs to ensure the safety net will be there.

For my money, a social democracy, like Germany should be in our future.  The problem with this vision is that services of a social democracies must be paid for too.  If we are incapable of paying for what we use now, there is no hope that a social democracy will work better.  And a libertarian government which ignores the poor, the sick, and the elderly will be an even greater disaster.

It is time for all of us think about the next generation and put things right in this one.

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