Jeb’s The Most Qualified Of All Of Them…

Barbara Bush, wife and mother of former Presidents George H W Bush and George W Bush, when asked about the potential Presidential run by her son, Jeb Bush, intoned that Jeb was the most qualified of the Bush family.  The timing was ironic since it coincided with the opening of former President George W Bush’s library.  Her words have a ring of truth.

“W” has walked a very discreet path since leaving office.  He has wisely stayed out of the political discourse.  His absence has allowed the dust of history to settle a bit.  But the library opening makes it unavoidable to revisit the 2000-2008 period.

Hubris is too small a word to describe the Bush first term crowd.  Abject failure marks the rest.

Lead by Dick Cheney (not Bush), and backed by the wide neoconservative and military-industrial factions, the Bush Administration made one bad decision after another.  Walking away from the Kyoto protocol, canceling the ABM treating, deemphasizing government by selecting ineffectual agency heads, and then losing interest in Afghanistan (forgetting about finding Osama ben Laden), and invading and occupying Iraq, got the Bush team off to a dubious start.

The chickens came home to roost when Iraq disintegrated into civil war, Afghanistan lapsed into an un-winnable mess, Hurrican Katrina demonstrated the need for government services (and the problems when they do not work), enhanced interrogation showed America to have abandoned their principles in favor of torture, and the low interest in regulatory oversight blossomed into the Financial Sector melt down and the closest reunion with depression since the 1920’s.

The Bush library lays out some of these events in hopes future generations may see them differently.  Philosophically, I am not sure what else “W” could have done.  There is, however, much to be learned from the George W Bush Presidency.

  • We need people who want to be President and are willing to work at it.
  • We need people who will lead and not be lead by a small element of his/her staff.
  • We need government services (including regulatory agencies) to work as designed.
  • We need policies that reflect our national priorities, not those of special interest groups.

Even though each of the last several Presidents has received sharp criticism from the loyal opposition, the “on the ground” results of Bush policies when compared to that of those of Bill Clinton or Barack Obama (to date), point out what the Country does not want.

Admittedly, this is not necessarily an endorsement for Clinton or Obama’s policies but in comparison they look giant.

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