Being Strong… In The Shadows

This past week, while stepping from the shadows, America heard the peep of a lion.  Or, at least I thought they tried to speak like lions, albeit not an in depth thinking lion.  Strong and sure of themselves, but still trying to remain in the shadows.  God was on their side.

In Columbus, Ohio, at a Catholic High School, a gym teacher was fired after 19 years of service, not for cause, but for an end of life choice.  The teacher revealed in her mother’s obituary that she was living in a committed relationship with another women.

The Church lions roared that this life style was in conflict with church tenets.  In other words, someone can be a lesbian (since god loves everyone), but they can not live with another women. Hmmm.

At a time when Americans are accepting that homosexuality is a matter of nature and not an acquired condition, the Church is still racing towards the Middle Ages.  Reaction to the firing has been quick and strong.  Students began an on-line petition drive and already registered over 20,000 signatures.  The Catholic Church is flirting with being the drum major with no one marching behind.

There is just something “un-American” about any institution that claims they can play by their own rules even when these rules fly in the face of public opinion.  Oh, but you say, what about Augusta National Golf Club, home of the Masters?  Augusta denied membership to women until just last year.

Frankly, I think “all men” organizations often make decisions that are hard to reconcile.  Diversity works better.   But, Augusta does not receive any tax relief while the Catholic Church accepts (often seeks) tax free status and hides behind religious beliefs while it operates non-religious affiliated businesses.  Having it both ways.

The consequences of this mean spirited, anti-homosexual orientation will continue to shrink the Catholic Church’s market share and brand value.


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