A Mixed Bag

Senator Lindsay Graham is standing today in what he thinks is sunshine.  The Senate is holding hearings on the Benghazi Consular tragedy.  Lindsay of the “let’s get into Iraq” fame is taking time out from his campaign recommending the US get involved in Syria also to rag on the Obama Administration’s handling of State Department personnel’s safety in lawless Libya.  What a busy man.

Graham who is running for reelection in 2014, is reasonably consistent… sometimes  His motto involves a strong military and “leading from the front”.  Other times, when things go wrong, Graham is all over the Administration’s implementation carefully avoiding any discussion of what go the US into the situation in the first place. Like Iraq, Benghazi is a brilliant example.

President Obama limited US involvement in the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafy, no troops on the ground or planes in the air.  In the aftermath, Libya became a largely lawless land.  Without stationing troops on Libyan soil, the US was limited in what protection it could provide any US citizens including State Department officials.

In hind sight it is difficult to say with certainty that the US could have done anything to prevent Benghazi.  There are a lot of suggestions but there is no concrete certainty.

Graham and others are accusing the White House of a “cover up”.  Hmmm.

A cover up’s motive is hard to figure.  The GOP has claimed the White House deliberately mislead Americans so that President Obama could be reelected.  Hmmm.  (That is not what exit polls indicated).

Never the less it is difficult to explain why Ambassador Susan Rice claimed (from White House talking points) that Benghazi was a “spontaneous demonstration gone wrong”.  Anyone watching news reports knew this was bogus.  When it was revealed the talking points were changed prior to Rice’s comments, there was little credibility to be found in the claim that Rice’s comments were watered down for “security” reasons.

Fast forward to today.   The most obvious reason for continuing to study Benghazi is Hillary Clinton.

The GOP would like to tar her with responsibility and convince Americans that she would be not tough enough to be the next President.  Hmmm.

I just wonder why the GOP thinks that they can condemn Clinton because of deaths in Benghazi while at the same time suggest President Obama should be more assertive in Syria?  Does the GOP not see that the path to Syrian intervention also includes risk to both American military and Diplomats?

I keep forgetting that logic is not necessary in being a member of Congress.

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  1. polspectator Says:

    Hmmmm indeed!. Good blog.

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