Memorial Day, Other People’s Children, Friends Money

Over the weekend, GOP heavies shared their views of President Obama’s recent speeches on security.  Declaring “war on terror” and “Guantanamo” passe, the President reminded Americans that it was time to move on.  “Not so”, said GOP luminaries such as Lindsay Graham and John McCain.

In various ways, Republican critics described the President’s approach as dangerous and not recognizing global threats.  John McCain said the President needed to “Lead, L-E-A-D” and Graham said if the President wanted Congress’ support on closing Guantanamo, he needed a “Plan”.  This was a big week for four letter words.

Trying to understand all this, one is forced to pick between traditional partisanship or the potential that the President is really seeing the world incorrectly.   Hmmm.

Consider.  The US is deadlocked with a budget quandary.  Many politicians (as well as economists) tell us that the US is on a dangerous path if it allows large deficits to continue.  But the big problem which arises immediately are “no new taxes” and “what should be cut”?

The McCain/Graham crowd sees no conflict.  Security spending should be a given.  America should be the world’s policeman.  Cut the budget elsewhere but keep the military strong.  Hmmm.

It is often dangerous to question other’s reasoning or motives.  Why would Graham and McCain continue to beat this same drum when history has shown how disastrous the Iraq invasion and occupation, which they championed, was (Iraq had no WMD nor was it in anyway connected with al Qaeda at the time of 9/11).

What we do know, however, is that McCain and Graham will have no children involved in any conflicts that their aggressive military policies risk.  We also can be sure that their friends in the greater military-industrial complex will reward both generously.

Hmmm.  Other people’s children, friends money…   A great way to celebrate Memorial Day.

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