The Way Of The Dodo?

It is just to difficult to pass over today’s announcement that US Representative Michelle Bachmann will not stand for reelection in 2014.  For someone who has made such a slash in political theater,especially on Fox News, it just seems strange that Saturday Night Live will be without a soft target to ridicule.  I wonder why she is retiring?

There are reports that she has assessed her reelection chances and come up wanting.  Other reports say that any chance of winning would require huge gobs of money and those prospects are slim.  Still others hint that an IRS investigation into possibly misspent campaign funds may be the reason.  Time will tell.

I would offer an alternative idea that her time came and has passed.  Bachmann became a household name just about the time the Tea Party was blossoming.  She quickly co-mingled and for a while became a Tea Party-Right Wing poster child.  Her advocacy for pro-life and anti-taxes endeared her to many conservative voters.  She became intoxicated with the public spotlight, in many cases got ahead of her facts, and tried to obtain the GOP 2012 Presidential nomination.  She laid it all out and the public said hmmm.

Bachmann is now seen as a past fad.  She has been replaced with much more articulate (although not necessarily more helpful) spokespersons.  While there are no rules she must retire, Ms Bachmann must have listened to political advisers who warned her that her political career was like the Dodo…  dead.

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