Is It The Weather, Or Just This Time of Year?

The newspapers are carrying a unusually large number of goofy stories.  Goofy because the reported event was attributed to someone who should know better.  But goofy is as goofy does.

Leading off is a Vatican report that Pope Francis, in a private audience, spoke of problems with the “gay lobby”.  To be fair since this was a private audience, we do not know whether he really said those words and of course we do not know what he meant.   With estimates on how many Catholic priests are gay ranging from 20% to almost 60%, referencing a gay lobby seems peculiar.  Recognizing gays gives the Catholic Church heart burn since it has spent so much time demonizing gays and lesbians.  Maybe recognizing a gay lobby is a way to start.

The Southern Baptist Conference jumped forward with its insistence on reversing the Boy Scouts of America resolution admitting gay scouts.  Like Catholics, how can any organization that holds to principles such as “love thy neighbor as thyself” and/or has any knowledge of science and the modern world, still attempt to treat homosexuality as an unnatural condition?

The House of Representatives is holding hearings on sexual abuse within the US military.  While this is a very serious issue, it is far more complicated than the testimony indicates.

“Take the prosecution out of the commander’s hands” recommend some.  “Make it a zero tolerance issue” counter others.  A check with the business world will see unreported abuse is still a problem and prosecutions are often difficult and complicated.  Wiser minds realized this risk when the question of integrating women into the combat military was first considered.  Unit cohesion was instead argued as a surrogate.

Control of sexual abuse must begin with the chain of command.  Unwanted sexual advances must be clearly stated as punishable offenses.  In addition, the chain of command (including non-commissioned officers) must be trained in the difference between “lawful orders” and “manipulative directives”.  “Take that hill” (lawful) and “if you do this for me, I’ll do that for you” (manipulative) are quite different.  If sexual abuse is to be reduced, this difference must be clear among the military chain of command.

If women are here to stay as an integrated element of the military, than Congress and the Military leadership better get on the same page.

Lastly, even though there has been no progress on passing a budget or preparing for the upcoming national debt extension, House Representative Ron Hood (R, Ohio) has found the energy to introduce a series of abortion limitations including near complete restrictions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.  Apparently Representative Hood has not read the newspapers and does not know that Federal Courts have struck down two similar State initiatives.  Nor does the good Representative appreciate that the Senate will not take any action should the House be so stupid as to pass his bill.

Of course Representative Hood may know all that and not care.  His actions may be much more narrowly targeted towards his reelection efforts.  Hmmm.

Maybe it is not the weather or the time of year.  Maybe these goofy statements arise from individuals who feel the need to speak before they think.

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