Immigration Misinform

Congress is wrestling with what to do about immigration reform.  Congressional efforts are giving new meaning to “disingenuous”.  Both parties have gotten so confused on what needs to be reformed and why that their legislative proposals make little sense.

The Senate bill calls for roughly doubling the size of armed security along the boarder.  These provisions would eclipse the famous Berlin Wall and would cost tax payers a smal fortune.  Democrats have willingly pandered this Republican requirement.  Why is this necessary?

Securing the boarder, on the other hand, at least gets to what the immigration problem is really about.  The estimated 11 million undocumented residents are mostly Mexican and until Congress proposes “Mexican Immigration Reform” there will be great difficulty in proposing sensible legislation (even if the legislators are truly interested in passing anything.

The root of the problem is that there are more jobs, admittedly low paying and manual, which American citizens either do no want or when employed in them are not productive enough.  These jobs supply the US with necessary services and foods.  Attempts to keep Mexicans out is costly and encouraging US employers to hire citizens falls on deaf ears once productivity is considered.  Mexicans are great workers.

There has been much talk about demographics.  Republicans find themselves in a crack with their mean spirited efforts to block a path to citizenship.  Undocumented Mexicans living here consequently see Democrats as more sympathetic to their cause even though the Republican mantras of family, anti-homosexual, and hard work generally describe the aspiration of most Mexicans.  So, why?

It is clear that most Congress members see their personal fortunes (like getting reelected) as more important than any single issue.  In districts where residents are fearful of America’s ability to assimilate immigrants, voting against reform is an easy (but unfounded) call.  In districts where voter sentiments are not clear, procrastinating seems safer (but gutless).

Republicans, I think, are missing a bigger issue.  Without a path to citizenship for these 11 million, the GOP is still on the wrong end of the demographic trend line. The Hispanic minority is growing strongly and they will vote what they see happening.

In addition, Hispanic voters do not understand why it is so wrong for people who have labored for years, raised good families, and now want to become citizens, should be denied this opportunity.  Elections do have consequences.


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