Affordable Care Act (Is)(Is Not) Necessary

House Republicans attempted to stop the ACA for the 38th and 39th time this week.  As is par for the course, the House vote offered no alternative so one must assume the GOP favors the way things were.  You know, 30 plus million Americans without health care insurance, insurance companies free to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions or rates which accomplished the same outcome, and “run away” health care spending where the US overall spending was twice as much as other modern industrial countries and US residents were receiving only mediocre health care outcomes.  Hmmm.

This week the New York Times published Manhattan’s “before and after” health insurance rates comparison.  These rates were for non-group, individually purchased plans. While there was variation amongst insurance providers, single person coverage averaged about $1,500 per month ($18,000 per year).  No minimum wage takers there.

For family plans, a family of 4 would need to pay about $4,500 per month ($54,000 per year).  No average income earners need apply.

Well, this is about New York City where incomes are high and the cost of living is too.  But how much high?

Also included in the NYT report were the newly approved 2014 rates when ACA kicks in.  Single coverage for the second of four tiers of coverage would cost about $800 per month ($9,600 per year) and family of four would cost about $2,300 per month ($27.600 per year).  While still a lot, the rates are about one half the current rates. Hmmm.

When a fire breaks out at horse racing tracks, horses tend to panic and run back into the barn where the fire takes their lives.  Maybe the GOP should change its emblem from the elephant to a horse.  Their behavior seems much more in line with the horse.

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