Hillary Time?

One of the unintended consequences of the GOP’s “just say no” Congressional campaign has been to marginalize President Obama.  It is keeping President Obama and his policies out of the news.  What, you say? That was the intended purpose.  Hmmm.

The child-like Republican behavior has resulted in little for the press to talk or write about.   If the press questioned Democrat White House leadership, the story could not go far without bringing into focus GOP behavior.  With nothing to talk about, the media is getting restless.  What will fill the airwaves if they have nothing to critique about President Obama’s terms?

Why not speculate on his possible successors?

Hillary Clinton has been generally recognized as the presumptive Democrat nominee and the favorite to become the first woman President.  Why does the GOP want to give her extra exposure when there is no similar alternative on their side?

My guess is that these same big “R” thinkers who want to shut down Washington, or question where the President was born, will conclude throwing as much mud as possible at Hillary is a wise and sound strategy.  They forget that they will most likely have already endorsed a bundle of anti immigrant and anti women policies by 2016, and jumping on Hillary will simply seal the deal with women voters.

The GOP could get a gift.  Joe Biden and/or John Kerry might try to snatch defeat from the jaws of Presidential victory by contesting Hillary in the Democrat primary.  While both have served their party (and the country) well, neither represent the face of future demographics.  This alternative would not be helpful.

Arguably, Biden and Kerry might be considering a positioning tactic.  Should Hillary run and not encounter any health issues, they could in a statesmen-like manner, withdraw and throw their support to Hillary.  Should something prevent Hillary from running, they would be positioned to step forward as the standard bearer.

It is still a long time until 2016.  And there is a good chance the GOP would nominate a woman as Vice President should Hillary get the nod.  Never the less, a wolf in sheep’s clothing is still a wolf.

I just wonder if Republicans think they can continue to say “no” for four more years with Hillary?

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