Maybe Right, But Probably Wrong

The President announced over the weekend (slow news period) that he would delay any decision on striking Syria until Congress returned and there was a national dialogue.  What was he thinking?

It is true the best decision may be to avoid any intervention in Syria.  The Syrian Government oppositions elements are opaque.  The best one can foresee is an unstable land where different groups control various pieces of geography, leaving no one clearly in charge.  Look at Iraq and notice that a new “country” with a constitution, freely elected parliament, and a large standing Army is awash in sectarian killings.

In addition, no US government spokesperson has delineated an overall Syrian vision or strategies to achieve the vision.  If the US suddenly received a magic wand (or three wishes), what would it do?

What the US should have not done is what it did do.  President Obama drew a clear red line for reasons most of us could understand.  No sooner had he drawn the “no WMD” line, there were reports that the Syrians had crossed it.  Hmmm.  After two more such incidents and with UN inspectors on the ground searching for proof of Chemical weapon use, the President announced imminent retaliation.  We were left to wonder whether the UN inspectors would have time to get out of Syria.   Now he has said the attack must wait.

Basic child (even adult) behavior modification calls for corrective action to be undertaken in close proximity to the offending event.  The Presidents actions (if any) are drifting further and further away.  Why?

Some believe that President Obama is truly conflicted.  Others say there is an enormous disagreement within his closest advisors.  Obama supporters suggest that the President sees absolutely no good coming from action or inaction and cleverly wants to claim he was acting in consort with Congress.  Hmmm.

With a “just say no” loyal opposition, I wonder how the President can expect any purposeful dialog.  And while I think it is unwise for any US Syrian intervention, the President must consider how other countries, like Iran or North Korea, might react to a US demand that they stand down over some future aggressive behavior.  The question will be why what would the US do anything this time?

Maybe in the months ahead we will learn more of why the President has acted so indecisively.  For now, I must assume his leadership style is not suited to the vagaries and speed of the world we live in.

Still, shooting from the hip as the last Administration was so prone to do is even less desired.

Maybe President Obama’s instincts are right about Syria, but I think he paying to big a price with his hesitancy.


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2 Comments on “Maybe Right, But Probably Wrong”

  1. I tend to agree with this. It seems that in his desperation to avoid repeating Bush’s mistakes, he has, in the process, become the most disliked American President in the Middle-East for decades.

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