What Would Mitt Have Done?

The Syrian crisis continues to take unpredictable directions.  After President Obama had managed to work his way into a dead end position, a life line was thrown to him thanks to some diplomatic double speak.  President Bashar al Assad accepted a Russia offer to take control of Syria’s chemical weapons and in doing so eliminate the reason for any US attack.  While there are still plenty of questions, the necessity of a US strike has been dramatically reduced.

President Obama is surely breathing a huge sigh of relief.  He was looking at a Congressional rejection of a military strike, a public opinion tilting against any involvement, and most likely his own intuition counseling against a strike.  Counter to this, the President was mindful of the potential world reaction (especially in Iran, North Korea, and dozens of third world countries).  The US might be seen as a paper tiger.

Now the potential exists to claim diplomatic victory based upon superior military might.

An interesting question might be, what would a President Mitt Romney have done in this situation?

Of course this is an alternative we can never know for sure.  My guess is a President Romney would have been much more proactive.even prior to this latest chemical weapons crisis.  Neoconservatives have been championing the Assad regime change tune and Mitt would have likely sung along.  The wild card is whether the Republican Party’s Libertarian wing could have delayed the return of the neocons.

I also think Romney would be particularly sensitive to “executive powers” and sought to assert his authority when and where ever he could.  Romney would likely have conducted foreign policy without much Congressional consultation.  He might even have pushed for tax cuts coincident with his saber rattling.  (Hmmm. Sounds like a familiar tactic.)

President Obama appears to be a deep thinker.  He seems conflicted with a worrisome recognition.  There have been and there still are dozens and dozens of inhuman conditions around the world.  In North Korea government policy carries with it untold deaths due to starvation.  In Africa, thousands are dying in the name of Allah.  Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Bahrain, and Yemen all have experienced senseless violence.  If Syria now, why them and not the others?

A President Romney, I doubt would be troubled by such a question.  Life is much clearer, it is black or white.

The risk inherent in President Obama’s thinking is that al Qaeda, the North Koreans, Iran, or even the Chinese or Russians do not think about why one country should or should not intervene in another.  For these regimes, the question is “what is in our national best interest”.

The question for us then is whether President Obama’s or a mythical President Romney’s policies would be in our national best interest over time.

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2 Comments on “What Would Mitt Have Done?”

  1. fatherkane Says:

    Romney was rumored (and since Conservative Radio Host Bryan Fischer could push him around – AND the neo cons want him so they would get him) to be ‘guided’ toward John Bolton as Sec. of State.
    By now, it would be easier to name the Countries we HADN’T insulted/invaded or just plain po’d then the one’s we had.

    • Thanks for stopping by…

      Obama seems to take a tortuous path but I believe he is guided by thought and sound intentions… It is not a nice world in many places and it never ceases to amaze me that zero thinkers like “W” or Romney might select as good a strategy as Obama versus some of these lunatics… but I think their selections are “one offs” and would not last the test of time.

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