Democratic Principles

The current display of Washington Congressional ineptitude is a game one must watch carefully.  If you take your eye off for one minute, the GOP will have changed their position while still blustering about the President’s lack of willingness to horse trade over the budget or the debt.  Who do they think the public is?

Republican leadership got hijacked by Tea Party-ers and other extreme right wingers.  So when there was time to make the case of entitlement reforms and tax code reforms, the GOP fiddled while Washington began to burn.  The fiddle tune was a foolish choice.  The GOP laid their bets upon defunding or delaying Obamacare when they had no credible alternative.  What were they thinking?

So the brink of a government shutdown came and the shutdown was real.  The GOP then doubled down saying without the President agreeing to GOP demands, the debt ceiling would not be raised.  How bad could the Affordable Care Act be?

The polls now indicate the public does not see Obamacare as worthy of a government shutdown and worse, that the GOP is foolish to pursue it.  Hmmm.

In the papers today I read that Paul Ryan (previously silent) is knowingly saying a compromise is possible.  Some sensible and gradual reforms to Medicare might do the trick.  (It might if coupled with equally sensible, revenue generating tax code changes.)

The good news is there is some movement and far more sensible people are speaking out.  The hoot is that the GOP has not acknowledged it has changed its bargaining strategy.  The danger is that the original demand for the debt ceiling is still on the table and time is getting slim.

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2 Comments on “Democratic Principles”

  1. fatherkane Says:

    We are also facing the very real possibility of raising the debt ceiling (albeit for only 6 weeks) but NOT funding Government with a CR. In other words, Republican demanding the CR be included in the budget talks.

  2. List of X Says:

    Who do they think the public is? It’s the same people who earnestly believe that GOP defends their interests (and not actually represents big business). Republican politician could care less about the voters outside their districts

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