End Of Life – End Of Commonsense

In a Philadelphia suburb, a life ending drama is playing out before astonished eyes.  This does not involve guns, knives, or any other blunt instrument.  Rather it involves taking too much of a prescribed medicine.  Death was peaceful and the immediate family was relieved.  Initially.

The Assistant Attorney General is now pressing a case of “assisted suicide” against the daughter of the deceased.  The Attorney General asserts the daughter, a nurse, with knowingly helping her father take a lethal amount of morphine.

There are no charges of force.  There are no charges of trickery.  There are no charges of coercion.  By all accounts the daughter acted to end her father’s suffering and most likely at her father’s request.  Hmmm.

Oh yes, her father was 93 with several end stage diseases.  He was also a hospice client (you know less than 6 months to live).  Hmmm.

The DA is surely working on enforcing existing laws.  While the possibility exists, the DA is motivated by publicity and the potential for higher office too, he is none the less doing what our laws request.

The court may dismiss thees charges, or subsequently a jury may still acquit the daughter.  If it does not dismiss these charges, the daughter may lose her job and most likely her nursing license.  Legal fees and court costs will add insult to injury on top.  Hmmm.

At a time when marijuana is becoming available for recreational use (not just medical applications) and mentally unstable citizens can freely acquire guns, an act of love is being treated as a pre-meditated murder.  Hmmm.

I hope the memory of Jack Kevorkian is given a chance to see light again and does not fade away.

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2 Comments on “End Of Life – End Of Commonsense”

  1. Jane jones Says:

    Me too. Or. I, also.

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