The Hidden Danger

As each day passes in Washington, and more incredible statements are issued by Congressional members, the average citizen sits and wonders how and when will this end?  Rather than looking forward to a sigh of relief, there is a more than a reasonable chance we are looking at how business will be conducted in the future.

There is no question that entitlement spending and the Affordable Care Act are two aspects upon which most Democrats and most Republicans strongly disagree.  The divergence of thought has in the past been decided by time and changes in party majorities.  As time would show the current entitlements to be unfair or unsustainable, more Republicans would be elected and legislation would follow to correct the alleged defects.  That might not be how things will work in the future.

“Why wait” seems the call of Tea Party and Ultraconservatives.  “Either it is our way or it is the highway”, spout Congress members like Ted Cruz.  Hmmm.

Closing the government and potentially allowing the government to default on its debt are before us today.  Both actions are entirely irrational.  Neither can be justified by the issues alleged at stake.  They are equivalent to a child destroying the community sand box because he/she does not like the color of the sweater another child is wearing.

While the damage to US competitiveness will be significant if the shutdown and debt default are allowed to continue, this type of politicking is only the tip of the ice berg that is coming.

Entitlements and ACA are just two issue.  What about those Congress members who feel strongly about the Ten Commandments, abortion, women’s rights, guns, immigration, or taxes?  What demands will those who are either for or against these issue put forth, and what serious matters of government will they try to hold hostage?  Instead of voting, it could be hostage taking.

Hmmm.  I think we will miss the good old days of ear marks and limited campaign spending.

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