Free Pass To Nowhere

Listening to the “talking head” television shows, there appears to be a growing recognition that the GOP’s mantra “Just Say No” has not and will not cut it.  These TV sages say just saying no has been insufficient, and hurt the GOP far worse than Democrats.  The GOP needs to amend its message with “no, and here’s what we should do (and why).  Without a positive message on healthcare or entitlement reform or deficit reduction proposals, the just saying no message is not a winner.

This awakening is not universal.  Some conservatives still prefer the “I’m sticking to my principles” approach.  Whatever that is.  These deniers are almost uniformly representing “safe” districts and are speaking as much to their local majorities than to the national electorate.

Rick Santorum joined the “we need a positive message” parade on “Morning Joe” today.   It might be noted that this position would also separate him from his main strongly conservative 2016 Presidential nominee competitors.  The irony of Santorum’s new found commonsense is that while he might not have joined the government shut down group, he still would put god back in the classroom and women back in the kitchen.

Don’t expect Santorum’s urging to shift the GOP’s current course to go very far.

The even larger irony of the current GOP behavior is that they have given Democrats a free pass.  The Affordable Care Act is a Republican plan (hatched by Heritage House).  So take that off the table.  Arguing that Americans have the right to choose is akin to saying that child labor was never a problem because the children had the right to choose.

The free pass refers to how the country can continue its current entitlements without changing their cost (to tax payers) or the tax revenue generated to cover the deficit.

Democrats may have the high ground on what government assistance should be available to those who cannot afford the cost of healthcare or life in general.  Their position that the US use its credit card indefinitely is fiscally wrong and short sighted.

So how would Democrats balance the budget?  We won’t know as long as the GOP keeps issuing a “free pass”.


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