Political Advice For Marco

One of the great jobs in America these days must be that of  “political strategist”.  It sounds weighty and at cocktail parties it must be dynamite.  The term is illusive enough that no one can be sure what you mean, and better yet, no one can be sure what you say is correct or not.  Compared to an engineer, where the building or the bridge either stands or falls based upon what the engineer says, the political strategist at best can do no better than the flip of the coin to predict whether his/her advice is sound.

So, this week when Senator Marco Rubio took to the microphone and denounced the House budget compromise as a step in the wrong direction, one has to wonder whether this was Rubio’s idea or his strategy team’s?

Mitt Romney wrote the book on failed strategies in the 2012 election.  Driving as hard as possible to the right, pandering to the lowest common denominator in order to gain the nomination, Romney seemed surprised that the Country elected Barack Obama despite his questionable record as President.  The ultra right simply does not demographically represent enough votes to elect a President.  Add to this that Americans, while they have the capacity to forgive or forget misguided positions, do have limits on how far right a pendulum can swing and then have the candidate described themselves as main stream.

Rubio is said to be consumed with thoughts about the 2016 Presidential or Vice Presidential nomination.  Who knows?  I can give him cost free advice.  Don’t dwell where the needle is pegged to the right.

The budget compromise is not much to praise until one asks what would be in second place.  Both parties have no stomach (or backbones) to deal with the really necessary subjects of tax and entitlement reforms.  Second place was again stalemate leading to default and a government shutdown.

In an election year, serious legislative work is not going to happen.  A far wiser Rubio position would have been to convey his deep concerns about the larger issues which were not addressed, but, with a sigh, announce the bill did no harm either.


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