Advice No One Needs

Senator John McCain said today, “we won the war in Iraq and then lost the peace when we pulled out”.  Hmmm.  Some words to grow by.

Senator McCain is an unapologetic supported of the Bush/Cheney “chicken hawk” Iraq war.  Even with the fullness of time, McCain speaks almost like someone who never saw a war he didn’t like.  Of course, it is entirely possible that McCain’s publicist is telling him to speak and act like a real hawk for PR reasons.  Who knows.

One would have thought McCain had all the lessons on failed foreign policies he needed when he thinks back about the Vietnam War.  McCain was a prisoner of war and suffered greatly.  He, of all people, has enough cause to think about whether there is a US national interest at stake before committing US troops.

Senator McCain’s words this time are directed at Afghanistan where he wants the US to commit to an indefinite future in Afghanistan.  What for?  McCain would have us think that it is enough justification just to show the flag, and look the other way accepting the tribal graft, corruption, and lawlessness that is Afghanistan and much of Pakistan.  The connection between why that is good for the US and the cost in lives and dollars still seems missing.

Credible Republican spokespersons are few and far between if one is seeking the wise, senior advisor type.  Cruz, Rubio, McConnell, Cantor, and Graham are all over map on issues, and when they speak, are all suspect due to their personal career interests.

To his credit, Senator McCain is real and means what he says.  On this issue, he is just wrong.

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