Enough Already

Monseigneur William Lynn was freed on bail a few days ago and placed on electronic monitored house arrest.  Lynn had been convicted of “child endangerment” for his role in reassigning pedophile priests frequently without informing the new parish of the child molestation complaints which were raised in the priest’s last parish.  The trial evidence made it clear that Reverend Lynn was simply following the instructions of the Philadelphia Archbishop, Cardinal Rigali.  For anyone used to how bureaucracies work, Lynn was simply a cog in the wheel carrying out the Cardinals orders.  No questions asked.

From newspaper reports it seemed that indicting Cardinal Rigali was just a step politically too far for the local DA to undertake.  In addition, Rigali was in poor health and not far from death.  Lynn was the next obvious target.

The Philadelphia DA’s office prosecuted Monseigneur Lynn citing a Pennsylvania law which addressed the behavior of supervisors in properly dealing with suspected child molesters.  Lynn clearly fit the category by failing to apply any “zero tolerance” standard.  Lynn was convicted and sentenced to 5+ years in prison.

Six months have passed and lawyers representing Reverend Lynn have appealed his conviction.  Their appeal did not challenge the facts.  Rather they claimed the law used to convict did not exist at the time of Lynn’s actions.  An Appeals Court agreed and ordered Lynn released pending a new trial.  Hmmm.

One more point of interest.  The Philadelphia Archdiocese helped bail out Reverend Lynn.  This completes the circle.  The Church, in effect, was acknowledging Lynn’s role had been supported by the church authority.

Monseigneur Lynn is of retirement age.  The State has proven its point and exposed the  disgraceful and official Catholic Church cover up.  Lynn, however, was a foot soldier, neither a pedophile or a general ordering the cover up.  Reverend Lynn has served six months and suffered the disgrace of going to prison.   Returning him to jail will serve no apparent purpose.

Justice will be served by not appealing Lynn’s release.

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