Missing The Target

Yesterday was the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade.  The day marks one of rejoicing for some and a day of deep sadness for others.  Bus loads of concerned citizens descend upon Washington DC each year to demonstrate their support or dislike over the Supreme Court decision.  Organizing these bus trips are a variety of organization.  One of the most organized is the Catholic Church.    Even in bad whether, this year was no different.

Or, was it different?

A few days ago, the Chicago Archdiocese released files showing a long term practice of passing pedophile priests around from parish to parish under the cover of secrecy.  It would be left to the surprise of the unsuspecting parish to discover later that the new priest had a fondness for their children.  Never the less, those catholic demonstrators, bused in by catholic diocese from surrounding States, were anxious to show their anti pro-choice feelings.

In America we all have the right to free speech.  We do not normally, however, hear free speech advocates also endorse the need to “think through what one speaks about”.  And the pro-life contingent too often presents illogical positions.

Consider that there are no recognized “pro-choice” groups who espouse a woman’s right to choose do not present the notion that more abortions is better than fewer ones.  Most pro-choice advocates talk about unwanted pregnancies ( for a variety of reasons) and health reasons as why women choose to terminate a pregnancy.

One would think that religious groups would be the strongest advocates for family planning (preventing unwanted pregnancies) and a full protocol of women’s health services to minimize health concerns ending in an abortion.  Think again.

The same catholic church that shielded priest pedophiles also instructs (via hospital administration rules) doctors to treat pregnant women differently from other medical facilities.  For example, ectopic pregnancies are treated differently in Catholic administered hospitals than almost all other non-religious hospitals.

And hopefully a woman does not choose a Catholic Administered hospital when she is ready to deliver a baby.  In many cases, the woman may feel she has had enough children (for any reason) or been advised about the dangers of further pregnancies.  Forget about a tubal ligation in the Catholic Administered hospital even if the woman has had numerous children or has developed a medical condition where future pregnancies are life threatening.  Hmmm.

Let’s also not forget the Catholic Church’s strong objections to the Affordable Care Act’s inclusion of full women’s health care services.  The very means which could prevent unwanted pregnancies are a no-go for this church.  Hmmm.

So let’s return to the DC march.  What are these people thinking?

Hmmm.  I thought so, they simply cannot condone “free choice abortions” and have not thought through the higher moral ground of preventing unwanted pregnancies.


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One Comment on “Missing The Target”

  1. Saila Namai Says:

    I have composed a 3500 word secular argument against abortion. You can check it out here:

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