Appreciating Global Warming

This year, winter has brought snow and cold weather to the East Coast and much of the rest of the country as well at extreme levels.  Temperatures have been below freezing in the single and double digits for unusually long periods.  Periodically, temperatures have risen above freezing giving the feeling of Spring on the way.  Then, only to fall again and give us the cold.

Many refer to this weather pattern as “Florida Weather”.  Of course the weather is totally unlike Florida but it does remind everyone why they might want to consider a long vacation or a outright move south.

The problems with this year’s weather are two fold.  First it is colder than expected and this puts in question whether one has sufficient protective clothing, and whether the insulating value of ones home is adequate.  Second, with the up and down nature of the ambient temperature, ones body has trouble in adjust properly.  The cold temperature just feels somehow colder than it should.

So, sitting around the house, bundled up in extra sweaters, listening to the furnace labor away, one must wonder whether this year’s weather is just that, just a normal variation in historical runs, or is this year’s weather a sneak preview of what’s ahead with global warming?

I have no answer to that question.  Intelligent arguments can be made both ways.  What I can say is I think it easier to cool down when hot than it is to heat up when cold.  I wonder whether I’ll remember that when summer finally comes again?

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