Is Gridlock A Blessing?

The GOP has made its recent living on “just say no”.  Their adamant opposition to anything President Obama proposes (even if it was originally a Republican idea) has confounded Democrats and confused the American people.  Nobody and certainly no political party is either always correct or always wrong.  So why should always “just say no” be a blessing?


What if neither political party knows where first base is?  What if the core policies of Republicans or Democrats, if implemented, will not restore America to its status in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s?  In other words, what if both parties despite their rhetoric have not a clue where to find the American dream?

In a nutshell both Parties have ideas which by themselves lead to further degradation of America’s economic and moral leadership.  Republicans talk of reducing the size of government.  Front and center in the GOP plan is a reduction in entitlements (Medicare and Medicaid).  This might be interesting if their plan involved a true reduction in healthcare costs rather than a reduction in access to healthcare.

On all other government spending, the GOP sees reductions for most any government program that regulates.  “Regulations get in our way”, they say.  “Get out of Americans’ way and just watch the economy boom”.  Hmmm.

Where’s the evidence?  Look at where economic growth is taking place.  The top 2% are doing well while the lower 98% are holding still or losing ground.

On the other hand, Democrats simply see spending as an immediate economic lever and a vote getter.  Regardless of what the Democrat proposals are, they are almost always without sufficient funding and do not represents a shared agreement on how to solve social or economic problems.  And Democrat proposals do not attack the underlying causes of poverty, lack of education, and the creation of good jobs.

Whoa, what a mess.

The gridlock, however, has by default kept the country on the same course since there have been no government interventions that both Parties could agree upon,

Republican politicians continual demagogue over creating more jobs.  Remember the “jobs creators”?  With gridlock, rather than government picking winners, the overall economy is slowly and silently reallocating resources (the silent hand).  The US economy is growing steadily, if unspectacularly.

What our politicians are either failing to grasp or are too timid to tell Americans is that the US economy is now a part of a larger world economy.  Our major businesses do not look within America for cheaper labor.  They can produce goods in southeast asian countries (including China) with dirt cheap labor, and at world class quality standards.  Why should American businesses waste time searching for US labor (often poorly educated and motivated) when outsourcing can solve the problem?

Our politicians do not tell us that because it destroys their rosy image they claim their policies will produce as they stand there wrapping themselves in the flag and trying to sooth us with the words of how “exceptional” America is.  To be sure America may still be the most stable and potentially productive economy, but it is not the economy or the moral promise that the American dream is based upon.

Strangely, maybe it is still better that we do nothing rather than to follow the paths that Democrats or Republicans propose.  We can be sure that on either path, moneyed supporter of those parties will do well but the rest will still be standing on the sidelines.

I just do not know how long standing still will be the best options.   It’s just the best for now.

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