Mitt Again?

President Obama is into his 6th year as President.  Most pundits (as well as most voters) have already pronounced his Presidency a success or failure even though two plus years remain in which game changing events could unfold.

To be clear, I am not referencing assessment put forth on an ideological basis, like, “he’s a socialist”, “he’s taking away our freedom”, or “he’s bankrupting America”.  Or am I referencing the opposite views like “he’s soft on the environment”, “he’s deported more than any other President”, or “he’s done nothing to help the poor”.

Rather, at this point in President Obama’s Administration, it seems clear that as a CEO, he has picked a mediocre team of top assistants.  His selections may be bright or may have the best of intentions.  What they all seem to lack is (1) ability to work as a team, and (2) ability to get control and run their Departments effectively and efficiently.

We must remember that most government employees are civil service, career workers.  Any President or Department head may make a few direct appointments but the overwhelming momentum in any Department is provided by those who have already been there.  In essence, the President can direct something to be done, but unless these legacy Government workers want to do it, there is little hope that snapping ones fingers will result in the requested action.

This condition awaits any President.  It was true for President Bush just as it is for President Obama.  President Bush, however, ignored the bureaucracy and seemed content with government “inaction”.  President Obama has wanted things to be different, but has lacked the executive ability to change the status quo.

Some defend President Obama by saying he has had an obstructionist “loyal opposition”.  The GOP, they say have blocked every policy the President has tried to put in place.  While this is true, so what?

President Obama, like most other Presidents whose Party did not control Congress, has turned to new policies and new programs rather than reforming what exists already.   Streamlining, improving efficiency and reducing costs are measures the President has left to others and they have not been done.  What business world CEO do you know who has become successful allowing corporate bureaucracies to remain as is?

So if this notion has a morsel of truth in it, than wouldn’t a corporate CEO, rather than a equally bright “professor type” be more effective as the Country’s chief executive?


My guess is that were voters to get a clean choice (all else being equal) between a proven CEO or another professorial or ideologue candidate, they are likely to flock to the CEO.

Hence, the apparent interest in Mitt Romney again.

During 2014, GOP hopefuls will have free choices over putting forth their best image.  Following the Congressional elections in the fall, however, the many must begin the process to narrow down to the few, and finally the one.  Strangely being a great CEO is not necessarily an asset in the world of gutter politics.  I guess that is why Mitt is still playing it safe and remaining non-committal.

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4 Comments on “Mitt Again?”

  1. List of X Says:

    Mitt can play it safe all he wants, but the elections are over, and he’s not getting another chance. Even Republicans won’t vote for him again.

  2. X, I think a Romney nomination is a remote event, but when I think of some of the other contenders, I am not sure he’s so bad… If Hillary is nominated, the dirt will fly. The GOP might pick their candidate with extra consideration of how to beat a woman.

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