Enough Already

Every so often, there will be an “expose” about some organization that is taking advantage of others.  Religions are charter members who specialize in milking the old and those dispirited.  Religious groups promise eternal rewards for just only a few bucks.  (Don’t forget that a few more bucks will deliver even more eternal rewards.)

Save the children or save this animal or that one are favorites too.  The elderly and others trapped in their homes have little to do but watch television.  A perfect medium to bring the message.  In addition, lurking in the mail or an interesting magazine sit a host of other appeals.  You can stop cancer, or diabetes, or some other rare disease.  While there may be legitimate organizations soliciting support, too many of these friendly faces simply want the money.  For them, an easy touch is just fine, thank you.

America considers itself a free country.  Consequently there is a broad line drawn demarcating trust worthy claims from the shills.  It is the senior’s money and they have every right to spend it as they please.  Hmmm.

There appears to be version of this type of scam thanks to the internet.  Everyday I receive  3-10 or so solicitation for a political party (Democrat in my case) or a specific candidates and issues.  These request have similarities.  They make the pitch as a “life or death” struggle where just $3  (of course, more is better) will help turn a potential GOP advantage back.

These request flow from the national stage (Congressional issues) and the State level (governor and specific issues), yet they all have a similar look and feel.  Again, it is a free country and I have no obligation to answer any of these requests.  So what’s the big deal?

There is a certain unpleasant smell.  The email money requests are cheap.  While their actual success is unknown, my guess is they generate substantial amounts of money.  If the money is spent as advertised, that is, spent in support of Congressman “so and so’s” campaign, then the next question is where is it spent and what happens to all the PAC money we hear about?

This whole political donation process becomes murky.  There is a cottage industry behind each campaign.  There are strategists, advisers, and research (polling) experts.  And there are those purchase advertising.  One might ask, did the newspaper throw its support to Congressman “so and so” because they studied his positions or did they become influenced by campaign ad purchases?  Or, more simply, did the newspaper jump on board because they felt confident that campaign ads would follow?

And, what is most surprising. should the Congressman lose his election, his campaign funds are pretty much his to decide how to use.  Losing could mean a big pay day for our “so and so”.

I am at a loss as how to control this ready for misuse situation.  Campaign spending limits is the most obvious approach.  The Supreme Court, unfortunately, has already weighed in that Corporations are people and people have free speech rights.  Money equals free speech.

In the end, Americans must wake up and figure out that unlimited amounts of money is not working.  The political dialogue is not richer or more robust than in the older days of less spending.  For me, the answer is to withhold donations until the actual election, and then only if there are compelling reasons.

When I see someone begging on the street, I tend to walk on by.  I rationalize that there are social services available and the suspicion is strong that the beggar will just use any money I would give to buy more drugs or booz.  In other words, helping a beggar is not helping at all.

So until there are easy to read full disclosures of campaign contributions, I respectfully decline to give.

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