Christie’s Report

Yesterday a 300+ page report was shared with the public. The report alleged to reveal all the relevant facts about “Bridgegate”, the mysterious closure of three on ramp lanes of the George Washington Bridge. A genuine “who dunit”.

No surprise, the report found no involvement by Governor Chris Christie. This may actually be the case but that totally misses the point. Those implicated were Christie appointees. If they acted on their own, they never the less remain examples of the type of appointees the Governor thinks capable, competent and loyal.

As in the business world, internal governance and the values that any organization believes stem from the top. Hmmm.

There is another report soon to be written which has nothing to do with bridge lane closures which may speak even louder about the nature of Christie’s Presidential timber. This weekend he (and other GOP Presidential hopefuls) will meet with Sheldon Adelson. The hopefuls are responding to Adelson’s promise to dump all his money on one candidate for the 2016 election and wants to begin the process of deciding which one. Hmmm.

Remembering 2012 and Adelson’s fondness for Newt and then his switch to Romney, and in total spending more than $100 million on various conservative candidates, the question is obviously which Republican will Adelson back?

The question, which more than any other piece of information, will provide insight on Christie’s Presidential worthiness is how far right will “moderate” Christie twist?

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