A Sane Republican

Last evening, one of the few sane GOP public figures spoke in Philadelphia. John Huntsman, former Governor, Ambassador, and candidate for the GOP Presidential nomination gave an untypical GOP talk, untypical especially for anyone who might want to seek higher elected office.

It was simply grand to hear his views. Huntsman may or may not be the best person on the political stage today. He certain is, however, one of the most qualified and one who would not be prone to allowing extremists like Dick Cheney to direct his foreign policy.

Being Governor of Utah may not be the greatest qualification to justify a run as the nation’s chief executive but one has to admit that being Governor of New Jersey or Senator from anywhere else is not a better recommendation.

When asked what went wrong with his 2012 campaign for the nomination, Huntsman replied that he just couldn’t get traction amongst the probable primary voters. He said the rest of us should wake up that a TV network and a couple of radio talk show hosts were so influential, especially when one considered their comments.

Like Robert Gates earlier this year who decried the campaign financing strangle hold which grips each Congress member, Huntsman said the governance process won’t improve until the financing aspect is changed. (Huntsman used the example of a typical week for a Senator. Monday morning was a campaign fund breakfast, followed by donor calls. The evening concluded with a campaign fund raising dinner. The rest of the week was same with maybe time for brief sessions with other Congress members. Hmmm.)

Huntsman described the electorate as fiscally conservative, socially liberal, and down the middle of foreign affairs. He felt that if the GOP would embrace that they could easily retake the White House. Nothing is ever perfect and one of Huntsman’s answers seemed to miss the mark.

Asked what should be done to the correct the growing separation between the earning of the top 1% and the rest, Huntsman spoke to the “structurally poor” and said that’s where the country needs to put its attention. For sure he is right, that is unless something big is down to break the poverty cycle there is no reason to expect an ever increasing segment of the population to become more competitive.  Huntsman is a member of self made wealthy family, so it is predictable that his views on “work hard, earn more” would influence his views.

Income inequality, however, is far more than too many people being unemployed. Just looking at only those who are employed.  The data shows that senior executives’ renumeration has increased dramatically while middle level executives and workers have marked time.

Never the less, Huntsman appears to understand most of the big issues facing America, domestically and overseas. With respect to income distribution inequality, it should be obvious that increased corporate profitability must be shared in greater amounts for the average employee while senior executives needs to hold fast with their current pay levels.

But that’s not likely to happen and a President Huntsman will be left with only the possibilities of increasing minimum wages or taxing much more the wealthy to return a fairer percent of corporate wealth to the average worker. Not an attractive option for the only sane GOP candidate on the scene.

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