Gathering Clouds

The world has more than enough hot spots. Most of them, such as Syria, Iran, Egypt, Israel-Palestinian, North Korea, and the Ukraine are complicated and extremely difficult to find a silver bullet that when fired will make everything smooth again.

Each of the situations, however, can be seen with very interesting clarity through the eyes of wealth, and more specifically, wealth accumulation. Either the “haves” want to keep their wealth or the “have nots” want to transfer from the “haves” to themselves. Consequently these situations are very difficult to demagogue for political points in the voting booth.

With domestic situations, the Washington scene is eerily quiet. The GOP has suddenly gone mute on popular conservative issues and in general, toned down their attacks on President Obama (and anything the President has endorsed).

It is an election year and the GOP may just have realized that their losses in the voting booths have largely been the result of extreme stands they have taken on issues they never needed to champion. By keeping quiet and simply letting sophisticated PAC money talk, the GOP has allowed voters to assess domestic issues by whatever measures the voter chooses.

Polls now indicate President Obama’s approval rating is at an all time low.  Hmmm.

Former Senator Rick Santorum is out in public again. He too is thinking about 2016.  In hopes of not being overlooked, Sanotrum has written a book aimed at the “blue collar” electorate. Rick’s public themes are surprise, surprise, lower taxes and more jobs, both designed to appeal to the middle class.

As a general approach (programs aimed at the Middle Class), this could be very fruitful for the GOP. With Santorum, it is not what he is saying now that should worry anyone, it is what he has not re-said about women, gays, and planned parenthood that should worry one.

Between now and the mid-term election this November, this “all quiet on the political front” will most likely prevail. The opportunity to write about clearly wrong headed policies or hypocritical response to domestic issues will be small. Following the mid-terms, however, the GOP will be severely tested on whether it can keep its members extreme views private or whether the GOP will again pander to a small section of its base.

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